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Thread: open carry in county park/campground

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    Hi Guys –

    My first time in here, but I hope someone here can help me.

    My wife and I are going to Florence County 4-wheeling for the week. My wife (for the first time) asked me to bring my pistol up there. We are staying in a county campground out in the sticks and will most likely be the only ones there at least until the weekend. We’ve been there before and haven’t had any trouble. We do get the occasional drunk local that drives thru at night.

    What are my options for open carry in a county park? I tried looking up Florence county ordinances but didn’t find anything specific to open carry in a county park. The pistol will be in a case (unloaded) in the atv box while we are one the trail. I don’t want to leave it “unsupervised” at the camp.

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    I cannot find any ordinances other than zoning available online.

    You might be best to contact the county clerk and ask if the county park ordinances are available online.

    As far as unloaded and cased while on the ATV, as long as there is no local ordinace, then you should be OK.

    Enjoy the ride.

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