There’s a good reason the Founding Fathers authored the documents that some of us still hold dear. There’s also a good reason that the Second Amendment came immediately after the First.

. . .

When something bad has, or is about to happen to you or your family you have the right to protect yourself and them. This is your responsibility, not the police or anyone else. If you are killed, the police were not liable for your safety unless they were there and did something wrong. They do the best they can but they obviously can’t be everywhere.

There’s a good reason that few crimes are committed in the presence of police. Can you guess what that is? If you’re slow it’s because they carry guns.

Your politicians (California Assemblymember Lori Saldana) have armed security, so they don’t care about your rights, do they?

The next time you are targeted by a criminal in a dark parking lot maybe they will think twice when they see a couple of law-abiding citizens walking around with a gun on their hip.

Scott Barber
Yuba City