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Thread: Tulsa Today - Oklahoma gun owners demand override of open carry bill veto - POLL!

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    Reacting to Governor Brad Henry's veto of HB 3354, the "Open Carry Law," passed only days ago by majorities that could override the Governor’s veto power and make Oklahoma the 44th open carry state, hundreds of Oklahoma residents are now pushing Oklahoma Legislators for passage with a petition online demanding that open carry reform become law.

    Petition founder Russ Cook told Tulsa Today, “This reasonable reform would only allow those who hold a concealed carry license to carry openly.

    "Bad guys don’t carry openly in a secure holster. They conceal without any license or they brandish to terrorize people,” Cook added.

    Click here to reach that petition

    “Incredibly, Governor Brad Henry has vetoed this bill which merely gives Oklahomans 21 years and older with a licensed concealed permit the option to take their jackets off. By contrast, most states currently don't even require a permit to open carry a handgun for residents over the age of 18 years” Cook added.

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    Should the bill become law, Oklahoma handgun carry laws will still be stricter than most states.

    “If people stand silent while government continues to erode personal Liberty in America, that Liberty they love, that their forefathers fought and died to protect and held for generations will soon be gone forever. This is not about any one administration; this is about the Constitution and freedom,” Cook said.

    Cook expects the Legislature to override the veto, but adds that they should remember that "gun owners in Oklahoma have elephant memories. Any legislators changing their vote to sustain a veto will likely have some company in their next party primary."

    An unsubtle promise in a volatile political year.

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    Just a quick note to say regardless of whether or not HB3354 veto gets the much needed over ride, I just want to express my gratitude:celebrate and give a big thank you to Russ Cook and the rest that are behind the scenes doing what is needed to protect our rights and trying to make it better on all of us.

    Again Thank You

    Bill Rodgers

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