Northbound on the 303 last night, I was gettin on it in celebration of the new mods I'd just completed on my car (heads, cam, intake, blah blah) and was passing a succession of slow moving traffic.

The car got squirrely on a 2nd to 3rd shift as the tires broke loose. A car jumps out of the string I was passing....Maricopa County Sherriff! ...lights... traffic stop.

The glass top was off the car and the officer approached from the passenger side. There on the passenger seat lay my XD .45(holstered).

Calmly and politely, the officer says "Do me a favor? Since you've got your gun there keep your hands on the wheel." (they were already there).

"Yes sir." says I.

"Do you have ID? Is this car registered?"

I chuckled a little and for a sec, the officer misunderstood, thought I was laughing at him.

"Why are you laughing?" Inquired the officer.

"Sorry, not laughing at you. I had a buddy get pulled over recently and his car wasn't registered. I remember giving him a hard time about forgetting to register it, then I almost did the same thing."

"Do you have ID?"


"Where is it?"

"In the console, by my right elbow."

"Go ahead and get it."

I pull my DL out of my wallet and hand it to him. He looks it over and says:

"Thanks, Steven. Do you have registration?"

"Yes, it's in the armrest storage somewhere, I may have to dig."

"OK go ahead, look for it."

I get lucky and find it right away, hand it to him.

"Steven, I have scraped lots of bodies off this road. You almost lost it going around those cars because of the torque."

As I said, the back end got squirrely but I wasn't close to losing it. It wasn't a point worth debating so I kept quiet about it.

"I understand. I was just testing some new mods and enjoying the results."

"I get it, Steven. I have a buddy who owns a ZR1 and a 1000 horse Grand National"

"No @#$%? 1000 horse? Must be that twin turbo I see now and then" Says I.

"Look, if I didn't hear your story I'd say you were driving like an idiot. You were testing your car but there's better places for that. Test it out on Sun Valley Parkway or at the track."

I was stunned(in a good way)to hear an officer say what he did about the Parkway.

"Touche', sir. Good point." I say

The officer hands me back my items and says, "Be careful." then drives off.

I love AZ 2nd amendment interpretation and the LE here! The Deputy was a very decent fellow.