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    Found this thread.....and a great response....

    Probably been done here already, oh well.
    Say you are in a mini mart at the back of the store and you hear yelling and screaming. You turn to see what it is and see someone is pointing a gun at the cashier. The gunman is acting all wired. You have the upper hand, he doesn't see you. Now what.

    Ok, lets change it some. Now he sees you and points it at you, he doesn't know you are armed. Now what.

    #3 He just grabbed your wife or child, now what.

    You are justified in using deadly force we all know that. This is not intended to start the I'm rite and your wrong thing, play nice.

    The response in question will follow....

    As a vocal firearms advocate I am often asked "what if". They most often asked question is "what if you're in the mall and......" gunfire erruptsat some point not in my general area? You would be amazed at how many non carriers are flabberghasted when I say "exit in the opposite direction". The general public all seems to expect the carrying citizen to be Mr. Hero and go to the aid of the unarmed sheeple. That is NOT the reason to carry a firearm. We carry for SELF defense, the defense of our loved ones, and ONLY by close physical association unknown persons in our general vicinity. We are NOT the rescue squad, Charles Bronson, or any other hero. That said,

    NOTE: Since I EXCLUSIVELY open carry, it is most likely that the perp will wait until I leave if it's a small store and he's cased it (seen me go in). However, @#$% happens so......

    #1.....Due to due dilligence (situational awareness) I will know who is around me and could be a threat (or a backup like my wife). I go out the back quietly if possible. If not I would IMMEDIATELY take COVER if possible, CONCEALMENT if not, in a way which allowed me to observe. First priority getting out of view, second priority (simultaneously) drawing weapon. Constantly reassess situation and fire if necessary to protect MY life....POSSIBLY to engage the perp but not freaking likely unless he starts slinging lead. NOTE: In all likelyhood, the situation will drive my decisions as fast as I can make them and most likely the perp will be out of the store before I have secured my own safety and completed assessment. Less than 30 seconds after drawing he is most likely going to be GONE.

    #2....I'm already headed to cover or concealment and a handgun against a moving target, while amped up on adrenaline (at least) makes the perps shots highly unlikey to find me. Better odds continuing to cover/concealment unless large space is involved (unlikely in a store). Drawing while moving, if I were still in the open I would lay down supressive fire until covered/concealled (I carry 41 rounds in two clips if carrying the auto, 5 rounds of buckshot if the Judge + a reload). The clerk should be scooting or ducking, if not, sorry, it's MY ASS on the line now. Once covered/concealed, I would take a defensive posture and let the @#$% head decide to come or leave, he will most likely leave. NOTE: The ODDS are in your favor unless you are the clerk in scenario 1 & 2.

    #3..... Depends OF COURSE on the exact tactical situation.... am I standing right there, in the next isle, what?..... If right there, it's instant hand to hand combat with his weapon, eyes, genitals, and other soft spots the targets. He will forget my wife/child when faced with a maniac coming after him. He WILL die and it will hurt, it will probably hurt us both but it will hurt him more. If removed from the immediate situation and he's doing the stupid hollywood gun to her head thing I will (unless carrying the Judge as it is loaded with 000 buck) advance with a bead on him and he will flinch. My wife and I have rehearsed this and she will drop when he flinches and I will take the shot(s). We are both in agreement and, as I've said, have rehearsed it. If he has the gun towards me, and her hands are free, I will keep his attention and he'll get 5 rounds of 38 special from my "poor defenseless" wife, the first of which will change his focus from me and he will then be engaged by me. She knows to UNLOAD in him/her.

    There are just too many variations to explain them all but if you are carrying you had best be doing AT LEAST mental rehearsals and discussions with your loved ones. It is far better to do physical rehearsals with simulated weapons AND KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS.

    When the SHTF, if you have trained, your training will kick in and you will have the best chance of coming out with the least damage. With no training, GOOD LUCK. not think this is macho BS. It is the result of a career as a warrior and many many many hours of training, rehearsing, and training some more. It is the result of KNOWING the statistics of how life "works out", of knowing the capabilities of my weapons systems (which includes ME), of training WITH my wife, of working as a team. It's not that we're paranoid, milita brained, etc. just a way of life and as natural as breathing to us. For those of you whose wives think poorly of your carrying, you MUST expend the effort to attempt to get them involved.

    Train like you plan to fight, fight like you trained. If you do the first part, your body will be on autopilot when the second part ever happens.'

    Remember, in such a situation, the objective is to GO HOME SAFE (i.e. out the back door is perfectly acceptable). If that is not possible, go home substantially intact. But NEVER go home in a body bag without having inflicted serious damage upon the enemy. Also remember that BG's are NOT used to not beingin a position of unchallenged control when they are causing mahem. A crazedmantaking immediate offensive measures when up close will most certainly give you the element of surprise and the few fractions of a second necessary tochange his focus from how bad assed he is to how much pain he is in.


    GOD gave me rights!!!....The Constitutuion just confirms it!!

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    Not sure what the other thread is, but I agree with your option of safety for family and yourself first.

    While I will say, drawing a bead and squeezing a round off into a perp pointing a gun is not outside of my abilities or would bother me at all, it is just unlikely as my goal will to be to SAFELY observe and be a good witness.

    That said, safely means I might even be out into the parking lot taking mental notes of license plates and reporting direction of travel kind of thing.

    I protect my family, no one else. If a serious attack on an unknown person to me erupts right before my eyes, I am going to observe carefully.

    My interaction and interference in a situation I am or my family is not directly involved in is going to be proportional to my abilities to get out of the situation completely.

    If I am in line at the store and the guy in front of me whips out a pistol and demands monies, if I can not get away from him and he threatens me I am going to be forever impacted by what shall happen and I hope it never comes to pass.

    While many do not share the idea, this is why I do not carry extra mags of ammo myself, I really do not expect my pistol to do more than get me to safety or open the path to it.

    John C. Eastman Associate Dean of Chapman University’s School of Law "the Second Amendment, like its sister amendments, does not confer a right but rather recognizes a natural right inherent in our humanity."

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    I always carry a extra magazine in case of failure with the mag that is in the gun. Just as insurance I carry it in a Blackhawk mag pouch on the weak side with bullets pointed forward so if I have to draw it to insert it into the gun it will be pointed the right way without fumbling trying to get it inserted.

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