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Thread: "knocked down"

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    Icepik posted an ordinance from Rhinelander that includes the term "knocked down" This used to be in Saukville's muni code until a few months ago. I've never seen a definition for this, so how are people supposed to know what it means? Is it knocked down if the barrel is removed, or does every component have to be disassembled?

    I know this ordinance is not legal, and had Saukville's removed no problem but it just seems like a strange term to me.


    "Carrying Weapons . No person shall carry any concealed pistol, revolver or other similar firearm about the City or have any firearm, rifle, spring or airgun in his possession, unless it is unloaded and knocked down or enclosed within a carrying case or other suitable container, except that this provision shall not apply to any policeman or other officer of the law entitled to carry firearms."

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    I believe they copied the ordinance from some other place and left that in there. AFAIK, it refers to bows, which seem to be absent from the ordinance but are in others that are similar. I believe it means to unstring a bow.

    I guess it could also mean to take apart a firearm but I'm definitely not sure about that. Maybe somone else has a better idea?


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    Fortunately it's a moot point, but I suppose it means disassembled enough that it wouldn't shoot. It's a stupid term, just like the ordinance was stupid.
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    I believe most places interpret that as unloaded, etc...

    Regardless, as Shotgun pointed out, it's a moot point.

    It's a very common word that is used in many local ordinances right now...which we're working on getting rid of.

    Sorry I can't define it for sure, but that's how I believe most locals see it.

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