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Thread: Burger King Robber Gets Whopper; Shot With Own Gun By Worker, Cops Say

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    Burger King Robber Gets Whopper; Shot With Own Gun By Worker, Cops Say

    PINE BLUFF, Ark. (CBS/AP) Do you want fries with that gunshot wound to the leg?

    That is what one Arkansas would-be robber may have been asked, as the Burger King worker he allegedly tried to holdup Monday grabbed the gun and fired it right back at him.

    The robbery suspect, 22-year-old Jason Robinson, was treated early Tuesday for a thigh wound and taken to jail, police in Pine Bluff, Ark., said.

    Formal charges are due Wednesday. No word if they will be "super-sized."

    The Burger King worker told police she was counting money when Robinson approached the restaurant's office late Monday night and threatened to kill her.

    She then started to wrestle with the man and shot him after he put aside his gun so he could stuff cash into a bag.

    The woman put Robinson in a headlock and called police, who arrested Robinson.

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    I just heard about this on my local news. I don't recommend all employees carry but at least a trusted manager should.
    Don't confuse me with the facts, I have my emotions!

    I guess that's the difference between no crime and "stopping" a crime in progress. I prefer no crime.

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