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Thread: OC in the City Henderson Parks

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    City of Henderson Parks

    Does anybody know if there has been and change in Henderson's ordinance on OC and CCW permits in the park confines? Below it states there shall be NO firearms permitted on the grounds. It would include the parking lot also..

    A. The following rules and regulations shall apply to all Parks and Park
    Facilities within the City of Henderson. All parks shall be open from
    6:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight daily, unless otherwise posted. No
    person shall be in a Park or Park Facility between midnight and 6
    a.m. without the express written authorization of the Director of
    Parks and Recreation or his designated representative.
    B. The express written authorization of the Director of Parks and
    Recreation or his designated representative is required for the
    following activities in a Park or Park Facility:

    M. No firearms, archery, paint ball weapons, air guns, BB guns, or like
    devices shall be allowed in a Park or Park Facility.

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    I have noticed that some parks in Henderson are posted, some are not. It has been in my roundtoit file for some time to write to the City Attorney and Chief of Police to ask their official position. I was kind of waiting for the answer from the NV AG's office regarding Clark County parks. If the answer from the AG is favorable then that is some good ammo to use against Henderson as well. If the answer is not favorable, then most likely I would be wasting my time. At that point we would have to look to the NV legislature to clarify preemption.
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