written by american sheep dog, in the michigan forum..

This is why I only Open Carry! It helps to remove the necessity to brandish my sidearm because a possible assailant already knows I'm ready to defend. If Open Carry is not enough to deter, then I know the stakes are high, and that the assailant is not concerned at all with my safety. The threat level has just been raised dramatically.
So, to end, Open Carry can be construed to be somewhat of a brandishing, without brandishing! It is a awesome deterrent! but always remember that no form of carry is 100% effective, and no form of shoot, don't shoot policy can be transferred to every scenario. Be careful when pointing and shooting based on the belief that, if I pull it, I must shoot it. This will burn you! What if he turns his back as you pull it and point it? Do we shoot someone in the back based on an entrenched shoot, don't shoot policy? Take care to review this policy. I only wish for you not to have to defend yourself in court based on this policy.
God speed!