Henry’s many vetoes
by Robert McDowell

Now that he is in his last eight months of office, Democrat Governor Brad Henry seems to have discovered that he can try to overturn all the good, constitutional, conservative legislation that the Republican majority in both houses of the Legislature can pass. Some of these have been passed with overwhelming majorities from both parties and Henry’s vetoes have been overridden. Unfortunately, some of the Democrat members of the houses, after voting in favor of some bills, have not voted to override the veto.

An example of this is the “open carry” bill authored by Rep. Dr. Mike Ritze, R-Broken Arrow. We should not be surprised at this expression of petulance on the part of the governor since it has been exhibited a number of times in the past by officeholders, all the way up to and including the president.

After all, without a chance to be a candidate for the office again, due to term limits, they do not have to be in campaign mode and act according to the expressed desire of the people. While the names of those legislators switching votes from this bill to override a veto have not been published, it seems to me that they very likely could be those who are also term limited senators not up for re-election this year, or else they hope that the anti-gun media will not make them known. In any event, voters should do a bit of homework and find out the answers and, if so inclined, vote out those who voted one way under the light of publicity and voted another when likely to be not reported.

. . . .