Hey gang

I carry my XD everywhere... including into the woods when I am hiking, backpacking, hunting... etc. I am certain it is these off road excursions where most of the damage takes place. I wear a Blackhawk thigh-mounted Serpa holster, which I love.

The bad news is that my sites have taken a bit of a beating, the rear in particular.

They are scratched, which doesn't bother me much. But I noticed while practicing that I seem to be shooting low and left, consistently. Not by a ton, mind you... but three or four inches at 7-10 yards.

So I need to do something with the sites... fix or replace?

I will take this to a local shop, but what do you recommend? Should I just have the stock sites adjusted again and hope they don't get bumped out of alignment while I'm hiking the PCT?

Or is there a better, aftermarket option that is both more durable and maybe has a low light compensator like tritium or ???