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Thread: California Times Herald - Open carry picnic at Vallejo's Independence Park, sat., 22 May at 2PM

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    Hopefully California open carry rights organizers are working on their message and communicating with attendees in advance to ensure they do not charachterize open carry events as "protests" - they are merely social events celebrating their right to open carry and assemble peaceably with like minded people - don't let the press or others put words in your mouths!

    As a side matter, yes, most gun owners agree - the load ban in Cal. cities should be repealed; the school zone ban (only 2 states have these) should be repealed; the concealed carry permit system should be made shall issue; the normal capacity magazine import ban should be repealed; - but the focus now shold be communicating that open carry in Caifornia is an old right, not a new threat, and the Saldana bill should be rejected if only because she does not even know what the bill does, e.g., will interfere with private property rights because under cal law pribvate property is presumptively a "public place" for purposes of gun carry laws, see People v. Strider (2009).

    Good luck!


    Open carry proponents plan picnic at Vallejo's Independence Park
    Times-Herald staff report

    A Vallejo group supporting open carry will have another public event Saturday at Independence Park.

    "Open carry" allows Californians to bear unloaded firearms without a special permit so long as they are not near a school or government building.

    A larger Bay Area open carry group organized a previous picnic at Independence Park (south of the Ferry Terminal on Curtola Parkway) in early April. That picnic had been planned at Washington Park, but was moved by the Greater Vallejo Recreation District after residents complained.

    Saturday's event begins at 2 p.m.

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    Mike, Thank you for posting this. I had it and was about to post when I saw yours.

    Glad I looked first.

    Please come out and support this event if you are able. We need to support our Rights.

    AB1934 goes infront of the Assmebly tonight or on monday.

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