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Thread: Transport and Open Carry in CA.

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    I live out of state and plan a trip to Los Angeles, and Bakersfield. Can I transport a handgun into the State? What about OC in the L.A., and Bakersfield area? I realize CA. has tough and unconstitutional laws.

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    Although LA can be pretty draconian in their application of law, it remains legal to UOC (Unloaded Open Carry) there. You do not need to research GFSZ's, as the law requires you have "reasonable knowledge" of the location. Being from out of state pretty much cinches lack of knowledge.

    LAPD does not like UOC (do a search for: San Pedro and look for the video's), so you take your legal standing in your own hands.

    Bakersfield....not so much.

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    Let's play "worst case scenerio"....You are within 1000 ft of a school, and you don't know it. Deputy HardNose decides to bust you anyway,and you hear the famous words...."tell it to the judge". Your weapon is confiscated, you have to fight a court case from out of state, and a lawyer gets a new Mercedes. :shock:
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    i posted this in general forum, seems to fit this question.

    if i visit my aunt in LA calif, i might go for a walk after dinner UOCing my STAR.
    i walk down the street, and come to a school zone sign :what:!
    i immedeatly turn around, and walk away from that sign!
    after walking a couple blocks, a cop car pulls up and asks me where i am walking from?
    i tell him, i am just walking right here.
    he says, that i am lucky, because i am 1100ft. from a school down the street,
    so i had better be carefull!!
    i know the law re. GFSZ, i didnt know that i might be in violation!
    if i had told the cop i had seen the school sign i would be admitting to a crime that i didnt knowingly commit!

    there are no guarentees, you can get in trouble, your ignorance is not an excuce!
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    Please come to Kalifornia and OC anywhere you like. When you get arrested for being in a school zone, take your legal case all the way to the Supremes. We know you have a million dollars to spend proving that our GFSZ law is unconstitutional.

    You see, Kali subjects have been taxed, regulated, and controlled to the point that we are defenseless po-folk. We can't afford legal defense costs. Please provide us legal welfare and relieve us from unconstitutional laws.


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