Update: As of right now the Bill was supposed to hit the floor today and be voted on. But Lori Saldana was sick so its been pushed back to Thursday the 27 (Thats a guess) on the next floor meeting.

As many of you already know, the right to keep & bear arms is under attack and we need your help to protect this crucial right!

A bill was recently introduced in the California State legislature to ban the act of openly carrying a firearm. http://bit.ly/6hE4PW The bill, AB1934, has progressed through two different committees and will be voted on by the entire State Assembly on Monday, May 24th. Make no mistake about it, if this bill passes the good people of California will be left defenseless with very little hope of providing for their own personal protection under the law.

California has 80-State Assembly Representatives. There are a total of 49-Democrats, 29-Republicans, 1-Independent and 1-vacancy.

AB1934 only needs a simple majority to pass through the State Assembly. It is likely that the 29-Republicans stand united in opposition to AB1934, which means that we must focus our efforts on the Democrats and the Independent to defeat the bill.

Since 14-Democrats have already voted in favor of the ban in committee, we will disregard those individuals that obviously have no intention of "supporting & defending" the Constitution and we'll focus on the other 35-Democrats.

With all 29-Republicans opposed to the bill, we must convince 10-Democrats and the Independent to vote NO to defeat AB1934. We can do this! Some Democrats are facing tough re-election campaigns in Districts that may frown upon anti-gun votes. We can take advantage of this and kill AB1934 here and now.

We are asking that all 2nd Amendment supporters, open carriers and fellow freedom lovers phone the 35-Democratic Assembly Representatives that are listed below along with the one Independent and respectfully urge them all to vote NO on AB1934. Each call is of great help to our cause of preserving what's left of the people's right to keep & bear arms. If we can get 11 of the 36 Assembly Representatives to vote NO, WE CAN DEFEAT AB1934! It should take less than 15-minutes of your time to call all of the Assembly Representatives listed below.


Arambula, Juan Ind 31st (916) 319-2031
Block, Marty Dem 78th (916) 319-2078
Buchanan, Joan Dem 15th (916) 319-2015
Calderon, Charles M. Dem 58th (916) 319-2058
Carter, Wilmer Amina Dem 62nd (916) 319-2062
Galgiani, Cathleen Dem 17th (916) 319-2017
Huber, Alyson Dem 10th (916) 319-2010
Bass, Karen Dem 47th (916) 319-2047
Blumenfield, Bob Dem 40th (916) 319-2040
Brownley, Julia Dem 41st (916) 319-2041
Caballero, Anna M. Dem 28th (916) 319-2028
Chesbro, Wesley Dem 1st (916) 319-2001
De La Torre, Hector Dem 50th (916) 319-2050
de Leon, Kevin Dem 45th (916) 319-2045
Eng, Mike Dem 49th (916) 319-2049
Evans, Noreen Dem 7th (916) 319-2007
Feuer, Mike Dem 42nd (916) 319-2042
Fong, Paul Dem 22nd (916) 319-2022
Furutani, Warren T. Dem 55th (916) 319-2055
Hayashi, Mary Dem 18th (916) 319-2018
Hernandez, Edward P. Dem 57th (916) 319-2057
Huffman, Jared Dem 6th (916) 319-2006
Jones, Dave Dem 9th (916) 319-2009
Lieu, Ted W. Dem 53rd (916) 319-2053
Lowenthal, Bonnie Dem 54th (916) 319-2054
Ma, Fiona Dem 12th (916) 319-2012
Mendoza, Tony Dem 56th (916) 319-2056
Monning, William W. Dem 27th (916) 319-2027
Nava, Pedro Dem 35th (916) 319-2035
Pérez, John A. Dem 46th (916) 319-2046
Pérez, V. Manuel Dem 80th (916) 319-2080
Ruskin, Ira Dem 21st (916) 319-2021
Salas, Mary Dem 79th (916) 319-2079
Swanson, Sandre R. Dem 16th (916) 319-2016
Torres, Norma J. Dem 61st (916) 319-2061
Yamada, Mariko Dem 8th (916) 319-2008

calling, register your opposition to the bill and then ask to speak to
the "Legislative Assistant for Firearms". thsi is the person who advises
the assemblymember on the legalities of whatever they're doing. Once
you have them on the phone, or via ...voicemail, it's a simple logical

The Assemblymember swore an oath to support and defend the US Constitution.

The United States Constitution guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

The United States Supreme Court in the Heller decision has determined that the Second Amendment is an individual, not a collective right.

There are only two ways to carry firearms: openly, or concealed.

California generally will not issue a concealed weapons permit to anyone who is not politically well-connected, or who has made a large campaign contribution to a politician.

That leaves only unlicensed open carry as a viable option for anyone who wishes to exercise their constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

Therefore, for the assembly member to vote in support of this bill would not only be supporting a bill that is unconstitutional on its face, but would also be committing political suicide.

If the assembly member is in favor of AB 1934 then what mechanism has he or she implemented to guarantee that the people will be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights without infringement?