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Thread: Jefferson County man defends himself and wife in home invasion.

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    This is the reason I have weapons. Hopefully no charges will be pressed against the man who successfully defended himself and his family.

    Edit: Second story I just found. Seems Alabama residents are standing up for themselves.

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    The one with the female shooter is pretty clear cut.

    The other could be a little sticky since they all knew eachother. Hopefully it's like the article reads, and a clean shoot. It'd be bad if it turns out the wife let the guy in, and the husband is using the "he forced his way in" defense.

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    Did he say what the BG was forcing his way into?
    Even if the latter wouldn't that just make her libel for the death as an
    accomplis, so she would keep her mouth shut if it was the cougar thing.

    But if you are going to be involved in a dirty shoot, it is your responsibility to
    carry a voice recorder, not the ambushee. So don't turn off recorder at home,
    guess I need to rethink how to turn over the recording since you can't turn
    it off once the police show up while you are maintaining your right to silence.
    Guess I can set up the video camera on tripod to record the playing of the recording
    for safety reasons.

    If a good shoot then I guess the 'todays 40, is yesterdays dead stiff' mantra is true.
    Stopping with a single shot to the trunk, now that's the way a self defense weapon
    should work.

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