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Thread: Example of What NOT to do.

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    Defendant, 61, says killing of teen was justified
    By Heather Ratcliffe
    Wednesday, May. 26 2010
    ST. LOUIS — Johnnie Pulley called police repeatedly when he recognized the
    teenager on a bus last July.

    He was the same teen who had brutally assaulted Pulley, 61, on a bus en route
    to work two months before, Pulley said.

    When officers failed to arrive, Pulley followed the teen on two buses and then
    across a street until they finally met on a sidewalk.

    Moments later 17-year-old Brandon Colenburg was on the ground with a fatal
    bullet wound to the stomach.

    Now a St. Louis jury must decide whether Pulley acted in self-defense or killed
    the teen for revenge. They were still deliberating late Tuesday.

    Pulley, of the 6100 block of Laura Avenue, is charged with second-degree murder
    and armed criminal action.

    Pulley testified at his trial in St. Louis Circuit Court this week that he drew
    his gun only when Colenburg turned with his fists cocked and lunged at him.

    "It was a desperate shot in an attempt at self-protection," Pulley told the
    jury Tuesday. "It was a life-and-death situation."

    Pulley, who had a concealed weapon permit, said he carried a gun for
    protection. He often left for work before sunrise in his rough neighborhood of
    Walnut Park.

    But prosecutor Dwight Warren argued that Pulley pulled the trigger because he
    didn't want his attacker to get away.

    "This is not a man who is afraid of serious physical injury," Warren said. "He
    followed him on two buses and stopped him on the street."

    Pulley told a St. Louis jury about the previous attack. He said he sat down on
    a bus next to a teenager on April 29, 2009. Moments later the other passenger
    began elbowing Pulley in the ear. Pulley told him to stop and the teenager
    stood up and repeatedly punched him in the head.

    The Metro bus driver and several bystanders pulled the attacker off the bus.

    Pulley got medical attention and then reported the assault to police that

    On July 1, Pulley was on the same bus route headed to his job in Olivette when
    he saw who he believed was his attacker on the bus.

    The teen recognized him too, Pulley insisted.

    He called police and gave a dispatcher their location along with his police
    report number from the assault.

    The teen got off the bus and so did Pulley. Pulley waited at Delmar Avenue and
    Goodfellow Boulevard for police to arrive. The teenager walked across the
    street and boarded another bus. Pulley followed him because no officer had

    Pulley took a seat across from Colenburg and called police again with new
    directions. Everyone on the bus heard the call, Pulley said.

    Colenburg got off near Delmar and Union. Pulley followed.

    Pulley said when he told the teenager that he called police, Colenburg turned
    on him.

    Two witnesses, a Jehovah's Witness knocking on doors and a mother dropping her
    children at day care, said they saw the confrontation but insisted the teenager
    did not attack Pulley.

    Both said his arms were by his sides when the defendant fired one shot.

    Luella Johnson also testified that Colenburg could not have assaulted Pulley on
    the bus April 29. He was at her home that morning after celebrating her son's
    birthday the night before, she said.
    sad...really bad decision on the gun owner's part...he was in no way in any danger...and rule number one in a situation...try to remove yourself from the situation if possible...but he on purposely followed...on top of that i don't believe he matched the force on force criteria...

    gives CCW and OC folks bad raps...

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    I don't have a problem at all with the man following the teen. He was doing what he should have done to try to get this kid apprehended.

    I do have serious problems with other parts of the report.

    - The man should have been more careful not to get in a situation such that results in him shooting the teen. He was stalking the kid and obviously was letting the kid know this. He also confronted the kid when he should have just kept following him while trying to relay his location to the authorities.

    - I have an extreme problem with the lack of action by the police to apprehend this dangerous teen. What are they doing at that point that they can't go catch a violent suspect? Its time to leave the coffee house, ignore the speeder and remove yourself from you anti-marijuana or anti-prostitution surveilance and go after a real criminal who has intentionally and violently committed a crime against someone. Catching a violent suspect should be a top priority and I highly doubt no one was available to attempt to do this.

    - I also have a slight problem with those who didn't hold this kid in the first assault so the police could pick him up. Instead they released him off of the bus.

    It sounds like the man really screwed up by shooting this teen and he's going to have to pay for it. What's going to happen to him now is probably far worse than the assault he suffered originally. You have to be smarter than that.

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    Jury rejects self-defense claim in killing
    By Heather Ratcliffe
    Thursday, May. 27 2010
    ST. LOUIS — A jury rejected a self-defense claim and convicted a man of
    murdering a teenager during a confrontation last year.

    But the jurors in St. Louis Circuit Court did recommend the minimum sentence of
    10 years for Johnnie Pulley, 61, who was found guilty of second-degree murder
    in the death of Brandon Colinburg, 17. They also urged the judge to suspend the
    sentence and put Pulley on probation.

    His sentencing is set for July 15.

    Pulley, who has a concealed-carry permit, admitted on the witness stand that he
    shot Colinburg on July 1 after following the teenager on two buses and across a
    street. Pulley said he believed that Colinburg was the same person who had
    violently attacked him on a bus about two months earlier.

    Pulley called police several times before the shooting, asking that officers
    come to his location to arrest the young man. Pulley followed Colinburg and
    then confronted him on the street near Delmar and Union boulevards. Pulley
    claimed he fired one shot when Colinburg came after him.

    But Prosecutor Dwight Warren argued that Pulley had killed the teen because he
    didn't want him to escape.

    "This is not an evil man," Warren said of Pulley. "He just made a terrible

    Friends and family insist Colinburg had not attacked Pulley on a bus April 29.
    Colinburg was at a friend's house that morning after a birthday party
    sleepover, a witness testified.

    "He wasn't even on that bus when the man got beat up," said Robert Colinburg,
    his father.

    Brandon Colinburg's family said he was a good kid and not a violent gang member
    as Pulley's defense attorney suggested in the trial. They said Colinburg had
    been a hard-working teenager who had planned a career in nursing.

    "He cut grass for the elderly," said Alesia Colinburg, his mother. "He was
    respected in the neighborhood."

    Pulley, who has a Florida-issued concealed-weapon permit, said he carried a
    pistol for protection on his way to work. He had been on a bus to his job in
    Olivette when a group of teens confronted him and one beat him in the head. He
    suffered cuts and bruises.

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    "This is not a man who is afraid of serious physical injury," Warren said. "He followed him on two buses and stopped him on the street."
    Unfortunately, that is the key. Under the current system of laws in this country, following someone who had previously assaulted you, while armed, is not a smart move.

    On the other hand, I didn't read anything about the late scumbag being punished, or even arrested, after his battery of a law-abiding citizen on public transportation. Perhaps if the "criminal justice system" had done its job against the young punk, a (seemingly) good person wouldn't be facing jail time for taking the law into his own hands.

    In saner times, the teenage criminal and those like him would most likely have been swinging from telephone poles long before it came to this, as honest men were not afraid to dispatch good-for-nothing scoundrels. Alas, I digress...

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    All the talk about Overthrowing Big Government, Revolution, etc., it's just another one of those nostalgic ideas that individuals have idealized.
    O RLY?
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    Books are overrated; and so is history.

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    according to the "news" it's sad to think that this individual may have possibly not even had the right person...

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