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Thread: 629.6 School Zone (summer programs? summer camp?)

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    It has become clear that it can be very difficult to OC in certain aspects of Southern California. I'm trying to gain a complete understanding of 629.6 and how it would apply to churches that may or may not have a weekly summer program from anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks during sumer.

    For the purpose of the above question - this would be a Vacation Bible School (1 week during the summer - for all ages) and apart from this, it is NOT a school 51 weeks a year.

    Also - does anyone OC while attending church?going to the bank?

    Thank you for your help!

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    Does the institution provide education in any of the grades K-12? That is, is it an accredited institution? Would you be off the legal hook if you took your kid out of public school and instead enrolled in the institution's program?

    If not, then I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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    By your description it does not appear that this church provides K-12 schooling, therefore PC 626.9 does not apply. Unless they have an actual school providing regular education in grades K-12, there is no issue. Preschools and day care centers are not part of the law either.

    Note the law is 626.9, not 629.6.
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    Private AND public K-12 are subject of the law. The law also continues through weekends, holidays, and Summer vacation, 24/7-365.

    The facility must provide K-12 education, but not necessarily contiguous (think K-6 Elementary, 7-9 Junior high, 10-12 Senior high).

    Colleges are NOT covered by the law, but you MUST obtain permission from the college to bring a firearm onto campus.

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