May 26, 2010
Criminalizing the Bill of Rights
by John Haughey

Debate over California bill outlawing open-carry of unloaded handguns has national implications.
There is an interesting debate with national implications under way in California. The state's Assembly will soon ponder AB1934, a bill that could make it a crime to openly carry an unloaded handgun anywhere.

This bill is a direct response to the growing, nationwide open-carry movement. And it is a classic tactic used by anti-Second Amendment fascists – criminalize the Bill of Rights.

But discussion about the bill has exposed other dangers to your rights: Misunderstanding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

For instance, as Chris Hinyub of the California Independent Voter Network writes in a May 19 blog, there are some who don't believe the Second Amendment applies to individuals – despite the Heller 2008 decision and a host other related rulings.

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