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Thread: 2nd pic nic ??????

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    Hi there, it is me again, I was wondering if we can have another pic nic in Boise or Nampa or Caldwell ? In June will be OK. I guess, the global warming still giving us cold and wet wheather, snow in May ? go figure, well think about it, will be nice to have another one, NOW you, any body look for a park, , My self I was looking for the park in front of the Capitol Building, but it may be not ok for O.Ciers and maybe hard to find parking places, well it is a sugestion, what do you all say, ok. or not. we need to do something if we want to grow, please do not be to hard on me if you don't like my idea, Your beloved vaquero Israel.:celebrate YES YES another pic nic, hoooorayyy

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    good idea, will discuss it more at the meeting, for now feel free to add some thoughts everyone.

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