As promised, a flyer for the Walk In The Park Independence Day activities is attached. This lays out most of the plans and questions.

The contacts with local officials are being made and as yet no problems exist. It looks like a marching contingent in the Independence Day parade is quite possible. The only thing we need is some type of description of the group, its agenda and a message to be provided to the parade PA announcers. A few signs and banners would help. Handout literature is being prepared. Does anyone have an open trailer we could use as a float? What in the heck do we call this group? Give us some ideas please.

Law enforcement appears quite friendly as I expected, they (and we) want to coordinate and make sure everyone understands each other. The copy and the video at KEVN-TV <> really support this with the comments by the under-sheriff.

In the works is a tri-fold flyer with information and discussion of the action. I can distribute that in mid June.

So.... Who is interested in attending and even in helping out for the WITP event?

Let me know by e-mail or the phone in the flyer after about June 24.

Burtonsville Bob