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Thread: Memorial Day OC Picnic in Greenville?

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    We're thinking of having a little OC picnic in Greenvile on Monday. I'm just "fishing" here, trying to see if there is any interest, and if there are enough folks interested and able to attend to be worth the effort...

    So if anyone is free, and in the area on Memorial Day, and interested in some free grilled burgers and dogs, let me know.

    I know this is short notice, but I just thought it might be nice to meet some of the local OC folks. I'm finding out there are a lot more of us that I previously was aware of, and I think it's about time we all get together and meet FTF...

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    I just swung by the park where we would mostly likely have our little meet and greet (near 1st and Green, where the river is), and there are no grills there.

    If anyone has a grill that is or can be mobile would like to make the trip to Greenville, then that would be a very nice gesture.

    Other then that, have a nice memorial day
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