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Thread: Kimber Tactical Custom II

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    I finally joined the 1911 club. :celebrate

    Originally I was looking for a Para high-capacity SA, but between some questionable reviews on their customer service & their external extractors, I got a little scared off. It didn't help that there is absolutely NO gun dealer anywhere near me who carries the either of the Para models that I was looking for.

    So I ended up with a Kimber Tactical Custom II. I will post some pics later. Part of what swayed me to go with this piece despite it not being a double-stack, is this review:$48107

    I took my "Baby" to the range last night & put 159 rounds through it (4 different brands of ammo). No problems whatsoever. No FTFs, FTEs, stovepipes... Nothing but BANG. Used the 7 shot factory magazine that came with it & a 8 shot Chip McCormick magazine. Got home & cleaned Baby up & now she is loaded with 185gr +P Corbon DPX cartridges

    Carry on!

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    I have the 3 " bbl. version and love it. I have owned it for 2 yrs with no problems .

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