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Thread: Appleseed? (slightly OT, but looking for opinions)

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    I recently saw an article about the Appleseed Marksmanship program. I know, it's about rifle marksmanship, and sort of off-topic, but I wondered if anyone here had gone through one of their workshops, and what you thought of it. There are several scheduled for this summer here in NC, and I'm considering attending if they are worth the drive and the fees...

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    Be prepared to be humbled. But go anyway.

    Start doing some stretching exercises now. It will make things a bit easier.

    Bring lots of shade and maybe even a spare set of smoked shooting glasses. Sunscreen and water will be your friends.

    BTW - you will learn a lot about shooting, and about history.

    stay safe.
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    $40 for a day
    $70 for the weekend

    If you shoot a .22 (Ruger 10/22 with Tech-Sights installed is the preferred gun) you will get out of an entire weekend of training for $100. How's that?
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