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GRNC Update 06-01-10:
Rally Against RINOs, DNA & Marriott Gun Talk

There are three things we are updating you on in this GRNC Update:
1) Tea Party Rally Against RINOs in Raleigh, 2) DNA upon arrest,,, again, 3) Paul Valone interviewed on Gun Talk about Marriott situation.
Please read them all...


Conservative Tea Party Groups Protesting NCGOP Head quarter's in Raleigh Thursday June 3rd 11:00 am-1:00 pm

Read more about it here:

The following are GRNC Vice President Jeff Rau's remarks to the NC House Judiciary I Committee about the proposed bill for collecting DNA from anyone subject to arrest, despite the fact that they have not been convicted of anything:

HB 1403: Collect DNA Sample on Arrest

I'm Jeff Rau and I represent Grass Roots North Carolina. First, we would like to thank the authors of the bill for addressing concerns with previous versions - namely in limiting collection of DNA to a limited number of forcible felonies and in providing a better system of expungement of DNA samples for people who are acquitted.

However, serious concerns remain: Nothing can guarantee the list of crimes included under this law will not grow, as such things invariably do. And inadequate protections are provided for misappropriation of sensitive medical data which could be of considerable value to insurance companies and others. As an example, several years back a scandal followed the release of North Carolina driver's license data.

In closing, we find it remarkable that Rep. Ross would choose to give a hearing to a bill she opposed while directing the ACLU - a bill against which Ms. Ross' organization and ours co-signed a letter in opposition.

Perhaps in becoming more open-minded on means for protecting against violent crime, the chair will now consider giving our Castle Doctrine bill a hearing.


As we have been informed you over the days following the GRNC Gala for Gun Rights, the Marriott after taking GRNC's money for the Gala and the money of many NRA members attending the NRA convention, proceeded to post the hotel DURING the Gala. This action could have potentially subjected hundreds of GRNC and NRA members to prosecution.

On Sunday, GRNC President Paul Valone was a guest on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk nationally syndicated radio program. You may hear a replay of this interview online at this link:

Read the full story as detailed in Paul Valone's Examiner columns:


GRNC has been working on sheriffs' non-compliance with concealed handgun permit requirements, and has sent notices to several sheriffs. We are in communication with several sheriffs about inconsistencies and unnecessary requirements in their issuing process; more to come should it become necessary.


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