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Thread: GAttTotP--finally, a valid use of this law...

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    Finally, we get a case where someone charged with GAttTotP in NC actually appears to be guilty committing this violation (among other things). Luckily, nobody was hurt...
    Man Charged With Attempted Murder After Sunday Shooting

    A Carteret County man is accused of trying to kill a man this past weekend, and firing his gun at several other people.

    Willard Sanders of Beaufort is charged with attempted murder, several counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and going armed to the terror of the public.

    Deputies say they responded to a "shots fired" call at a county park at the end of Marshallberg Road late Sunday afternoon. Their investigation shows that Sanders fired numerous shots at the ground in front of the victims and then pointed a gun at the head oft one man, telling him he was going to kill him. Deputies say the fired shot missed the man's head.

    The 49-year-old Sanders was arrested several hours later. Sanders is a cousin of Sheriff Asa Buck. Buck said he was one of those who arrested Sanders and says the case was handled just like any other investigation.

    Sanders is in jail on a $250,000 bond.
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    I still firmly believe that ANY common law should not be allowed to hold up in court. If you are going to charge someone, it needs to be a GS that is listed on the state site for public consumption.

    I have scoured the web and the only place I can find this is in the AG's opinion on firearms. It is kind of communist for a government entity to be able to charge you with something that isn't written down....... common law infers that everyone knows it.........

    Just so tired of worrying about this insane charge.

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