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Thread: Video interveiw at GLX

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    I was at GLX today, and among other things, someone did a video interveiw with me about OC.

    I was walking and talking with a mall security officer, and the guy thought that I was being led to the security office due to my gun. He said that he was videotaping the event as a record of a possible unlawful arrest, detainment, or harrasment by the security force. I told him how GLX security, and Auburn Hills PD has been very good about OC there. This sort of turned into an interveiw about gun rights, and open carry in general. I could tell by his questions during the interveiw that he was pro gun, and pro OC. He knew about this site, but diddnt have a screen name. I told him that he had my permission to put the video on the news or youtube, or whatever, he said he was planning on putting it up here. Perhaps he is about to start an account here, I dont know. We'll see.

    Otherwise, it was kinda busy down there today. I ran into Army, while we spoke, someone approached us, wanting to know about OC. As we were talking to him, some other guy thanked us for having the courage to OC. Then I talked with the security guard, which led to the interveiw, and later, a freind from high school flagged me down. He was CC at the time, so obviously we discussed OC for a bit.

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    Tag for video.

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