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Thread: Canadian fire mission! URGENT!!

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    Canadian fire mission! URGENT!!
    To all the Canadian members here and any of our American gun owners who want to add their support..


    Bill C-391 is a private member's bill to abolish Canada's useless and wasteful long gun registry. Without getting into a lot of detail about the mechanics of Canadian legislation, I will say that the bill has passed 2 readings in our House of Commons, and is in committee now prior to third reading and then off to the Senate. In short, we are VERY CLOSE to getting this bill passed. If it passes, we will no longer have to register all. rifles and shotguns.
    (For our American friends, you should know that California is considering their own registry.)

    BUT: Liberal MP Mark Holland is trying to derail the democratic process at C-391 review committee. On Tuesday June 1, 2010 Mark Holland introduced a motion to stop the review of the bill and return it to the house with a recommendation to kill the bill in parliament.

    The committee meets again tomorrow where his motion will be heard again. IF HE SUCCEEDS, WE WILL LOSE ALL OF OUR HARD WORK IN SUPPORT OF THIS BILL!

    If you are a concerned citizen and a lover of freedom and democracy, we need you to immediately email all MP's demanding Mark Holland allow the democratic process to continue. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW! WE NEED THESE EMAILS IN TONIGHT!

    Please use the democracy machine (link) to write a short email demanding that Mark Holland and other opposition parties in the committee allow the democratic process to continue.

    It only takes 10 minutes of your time!

    WE NEED 1000 members to do this tonight! 1000 emails X 308 members of the house = 308,000 emails!

    Please select the option ALL MPs when sending your email. Please be firm but polite.

    WE NEED THIS DONE TONIGHT! Please roll call in this thread when you have completed your task. has been enlisted, and a number of Canadian forums... but every email helps, so thanks in advance for your help.

    Use this template if you like:

    "Dear sir,
    I write to you tonight because MP Mark Holland filed a motion to stop the reviewing of bill C-391 and send it back to the House with a recommendation to kill the bill.

    The bill already made it through the house. Twice I believe. We CANNOT let a Member of Parliament file a motion everytime a bill is in review that he doesn't like. The House voted on the bill and it passed. The Canadian people, through their representatives, have spoken. Allowing this bill to go back to the House is affirming that our democracy is a fallacy and anyone supporting this is an accomplice in the slow murder of our great Nation.


    (your name here)

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    I'm not trying to ask a stupid question, but I will anyway. My MP didn't particularly want to hear from me when I was a high taxpaying,voting, citizenliving in Canada. Why would any MPentertain an e-mail from me now that I'm not a voter, not a resident, and not a tax payer?

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