Fellow Californians,

Well, in a predictable knee-jerk push of the yay button, the non-thinkers in California's legislative body of the Peoples Republic have voted to advance another freedom killing piece of trash to the Senate.

AB1934, as foisted upon the Assembly floor, seeks to squash the long held right of all Californians to openly carry a UNLOADED firearm. Currently such lawful acts require that the firearm be safely holstered and the ammunition not be in the firearm.

Some proponents of the bill claim that "Open Carry" causes hysteria, danger, deadly consequences, property damage, etc, etc, etc... I challenge these "proponents" (aka "fear-mongers") to produce such evidence. Go ahead. Search Google, CNN, Department of Justice, FBI, Wikipedia. I'll wait... No really, take your time. Need more time? More?

Can't find any evidence? None? Wow, that is so surprising.

So why, does California "need" this piece of legislation to become law? There is no cause for it. AB1934 will only serve to further restrict the already limited means that law-abiding citizens have to self preservation in the Golden State.

Keep doing your research folks. You will not find ANY harm done by ANY person practicing Open Carry in our fair state.

Stand up for Freedom and self protection ladies and gentlemen. Contact your State Senator and the Governor’s office to voice your opposition to AB1934. Stay safe & Carry On.


in Livermore, CA

PLEASE VISIT: http://www.responsiblecitizensofcalifornia.org