Interestingly, the plan does not appear to include an exemption for open carry in vehicles for concealed permit holders - somthing state law preempts localities from banning.

If you live in Kansas, time to make plans to attend this eharing!



The Topeka City Council plans Tuesday to hear first readings of separate proposals that would ban the open carry of firearms in Topeka and abolish the city's human relations department.

The agenda for Tuesday's meeting, which was released Thursday afternoon by the city, says the proposed ordinances are among items on the agenda for first reading when the council meets at 6 p.m. Tuesday in its chambers at 214 S.E. 8th.

No action is planned Tuesday on the measures, which were both introduced by city manager Norton Bonaparte. Proposals on which the council hears first readings one week are generally considered for action the following week.

Council members were told at a work session in March that they would later be asked to approve the measure banning open carry, which has been legal here since 2007.

The proposal would ban any person on property open to the public - unless specifically exempted by state law - from openly carrying on their person a loaded firearm or from having within their immediate control any loaded firearm.

The measure would include an exception allowing for the concealed carry of a handgun by anyone who has a state concealed-carry license.

The proposed ordinance can be found at

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