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    so i went to a metting of all the candidates tonight, except our current sheriff who decided to do "radio" interviews rather than attend the debates, what a coward...anyways for those that didnt go every candidate agreed with doing away with firearm registration and making ccw carry easier.. Ofc. Bisch even went as far as to hand out business cards for open carriers with her name on it explaining that open carry is legal and some of the laws regarding firearms in nevada. I voted for bisch and encourage all to do so, but it looks very positive with all the candidates positions on firearms with the exception of the current sheriff. I wasnt able to ask a question, but it was going to ask where the ccw money goes and float the idea of using a portion of that money to purchase AR 15's for all officers since that would benefit us all make sure the officers arent outgunned by the criminal filth.

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    Thanks for the report. Keep up the good work.

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