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Thread: Greater Richmond OC Breakfast 9:30 AM Sat 6/5/10 @ River City Diner

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    River City Diner on Parham Rd off I-95. You all know where it is by now, so no Mapquest stuff.

    After breakfast we are going to take a road trip to the Center of the Universe for STRAWBERRIES

    Here's the basic info It's on the sidewalks and streets that border the Randolph-Macon campus, so there should be no problems regarding the RMC rules as we will not be on the RMC campus.

    So all you folks who thought you needed to do chores after breakfast just rearrange your schedule. See you there.

    stay safe.
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    I think I'm coming back later tonight...Waiting for the daily monsoon:X

    RiverRat..are you going to breakfast?

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    see ya there
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    See you there.

    Looking forward to Peter's explanation of Brazilian educator.

    Yata hey
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    Think I'll stop by on the way here:
    Sic Semper Tyrannis

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