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    Started my day early today. 5:15 tee time Black Mt (member). OC my XD40 in my cup holder on my cart (18 holes 82 )

    Stopped by the Plus Credit Union at 9:00 for the 6th time OC. The teller looked right at the 40 last 2 visits ( didn't say anything ) I have been a member for 28 yrs but not this branch, by Sunset and 95 behind Home Depot.
    At 10:00am I stopped by Albertsons on Nellis and Vegas Valley to vote Harry out of office :celebrate I had to stand in line for about 20 mins. No issues at all. This was the first time I have OC"ed at this location.

    At 11:00am 4 new tires at Discount Tire on Lake Mead and Hollywood. That makes about 8 times there.

    12:00pm Went home picked up the wife for lunch. Went to Schlotzsky's deli on W. Charleston and Decatur, where the Red Rock theater use to be. I have been OC 'ing there 2 times a month for 2 yrs (no one has ever said anything ).

    1:00pm I had to go to the taylor to be fitted for a new pilots uniform for the Venetian. I can't remember the name but it is on S. Valley View (3711). I went in and he took measurements with the 40 still on my hip. I thought the wife was going to wet her pants. He put the tape over my belt behind the stock for the waist. Then he put the tape between the barrel and my hip. He just kept working around the 40 and never once asked me to remove it.

    Then we finished it off with a trip to Wally World on Nellis and Charleston for some shorts. I made a point of having to go to the fitting room just to make sure they fit.

    It sure is nice to live in an OC minded state. I think all of my usual stops are getting very comfortable with me OC'ing. I hope my luck holds, I haven't been TP'ed once in 2yrs of OC

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    Nice job! Thanks for the report. I've been OC all day today too. Just got home from First Friday and then dinner at Palace Station. OC'd the whole time, no problems, gotta love it.

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    Did you OC at palace Station?

    I thought they were not OC friendly?

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