I believe the time is fast approaching where everyone who reads this message board will need to stand and be counted.

In the very near future the United States Supreme Court will render a decision regarding whether or not the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is “INCORPORATED” to individuals in every state by way of the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Incorporation of the Second Amendment to the states is expected by the end of June 2010 together with language contained in the decision that could allow for “REASONABLE” regulation of our right(s) to keep and bear arm for self defense.

There is a long and well documented history in Connecticut of government agencies and their employees denying, infringing upon, and revoking the right to acquire, possess and carry firearms for self defense, many of which were valid, made in the interest of public safety and constitutionally correct.

On the other hand, there is also a long history of improper and illegal actions, taken against citizens under the color of law which have denied, infringed upon and prevented honest law abiding citizens from exercising their constitutional right to bear arms in self defense.

Should the Supreme Court determine that individuals have a Second Amendment Right to acquire, possess and carry firearms in self defense with reasonable regulation allowed, it is only a matter of time before circumstances like the one that occurred in the Wallingford, CT on May 16, 2010 become the topic of litigation.

As residents of Connecticut, we have and currently do enjoy the right to acquire, possess and carry firearms under a provision contained in our State Constitution regardless of the outcome of the soon to be released decision from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Common sense should prevail in all instances where constitutional rights are to be denied or infringed by government agencies or personnel, and discussions should immediately take place to inform those who have the authority to deny and infringe upon the right to know the limits of their authority to do so.

The time has long passed where government agencies and their employees enforce urban legends and laws that are fabricated in the minds of those who are empowered to detain and arrest law abiding individuals while exercising their state and federal right(s) to keep and bear arms in self defense.

As advocates of the Second Amendment, we should begin to look for Connecticut attorneys who have the expertise and willingness to advocate our postions and defend us against any unreasonable actions taken by those who may continue to infringeour right(s) to acquire, possess and bear arms in self defense.