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Thread: Washington City paper and the NRA

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    Boy could a reporter be more one sided then that?

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    Yeah, it's all the fault of the NRA and all us "gun rights" folks. Nothing about the fact that the District of Columbia is not now and never will be a State and therefore has no constitutional right to a seat in Congress. Heck, if they were really intelligent they would be lobbying for the same status as Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa and the other places that do not have a seat in Congress but also do not have to pay all the taxes the rest of us must pay.

    Or of course Congress could sede all the land back to Maryland and let that State deal with the lack of tax income from all the Federal land/activity. Seems Virginia eventually figured out how to do that after the SWquadrant was returned.

    What's really telling about the article is the detail given about the internal politicing and rearranging of quid pro quo deals between the various factions. I really need a program to figure out who is in bed with whom, and who is screwing whom even though they are not in bed together. I'd rather get wrapped up in a TV soap opera than figure out DC politics.

    The only positive I can see is that the anti's are so wrapped up in their positions tat they are willing to sacrifice "voting rights". Now if the residents of DC would just realize and understand that.

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    The reporter (and DC council) most likely never bothered to read the constitution. Apparently they can separate the 2nd Amendment from the rest of the bill of rights if given the statehood responsibility a voting member is entitled to.

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