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Thread: WI no-carry places under the law?

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    I had a bit of a set-to with one of my doctors the other day. She said in no uncertain
    terms that carrying in a hospital was not allowed (she called it an 'unwritten rule') and
    especially in her clinic she didn't want guns. (BTW, I looked at the doors I enter the building
    through, and they have no mention of a weapons policy, nor is it within 3 blocks of a school.)

    I've never open carried there, just made the mistake of mentioning it to her one day. My
    gun has always been safely and legally tucked away in a container, not bothering the
    sheeple yet handy for repelling Bad Guys. (<sarcasm>Nobody ever shoots someone in a
    hospital, right? Or walking down the street</sarcasm>?)

    I've looked through the Wisconsin statutes, and can't find where they say it's illegal to
    carry in a hospital. Can anyone help me out here?

    The places I know it's illegal to carry in WI are:

    government-owned or -leased buildings, incl. schools

    state parks [thank you, goforlow]

    moving vehicles (must be 'unloaded& encased')

    post offices

    bars or restaurants w/ a class b license (unless "authorized for a specific event of limited
    duration by the owner or manager of the premises"... so get permission from the manager
    tocome in& eat lunch! See WI stat 941.237(3)(g))

    public property within 1000' of a school, unless unloaded& encased (being challenged in court)
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    (she called it an 'unwritten rule')
    Unwritten rules aren't rules. How can you expect someone to follow a rule if they don't know what it is?

    (Nobody ever shoots someone in a hospital,
    right? )
    You sure about that?

    Or walking down the street?

    Concerning carry in the hospital, if there isn't a law about not carrying in one, then you can carry in one, unless its posted.
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    don't forget you can not carry in state parks.
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    A hospital is arguably private property, an agent of which may deny you the privilege of trespass.

    An "unwritten rule" is little different in effect from a written rule violated, ยง941.23. Both deny the rule of law in favor of the rule of men, to observe or ignore the law willy-nilly.

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