We can talk about how foolish her bill is all we want. However, if it passes, we may find ourselves in quite the predicament with little voice. The silent holstered gun is so loud, oh my. Some people don't like to think too much, it may hurt some to think. People may feel the need to step it up a bit because we are responsible. Sort of raising the bar. So, they would force us to disarm and subject ourselves to the same irresponsible rulers they so slothfully endure. Better get moving.

Could people leave suggestions for average Joe What could the average Joe do to help stop this bill.

Should we make more you tube videos. I believe those are very cost effective and people love them. hehe

We need a face for the public to stay interested in our message or they may go back to sleep and we loose everything on voting day. We cant be afraid to cause a commotion by our simple presence in society. This seems to be the only way to make society face their misguided fears. Otherwise, they may never confront them, never think about them and through fear just vote away your 2A rights because no one ever showed them anything different.

Many people here in Southern CA come from all over the world. Especially here in L.A./Long Beach. Some of these people seem pre-programed with gun fear and anti-gun philosophy from the country they are leaving behind. These people only seem to know about guns in public through Clint Eastwood, The news and whatever other source Hollywood has delivered through. in other words they don't know any better.
Some may not understand the philosophy of the Wise Men of early America. I went to public school and I learned how to put a condom on a banana... Never learned much about guns or my rights as a person or God in school. That doctrine has long been replaced.

Anyone else have any suggestions. Its all logs on the fire. Lets turn up the heat. We could probably strike all the gun laws on the books, even in the golden state with proper planning and effort. Or are we so dependent and lacking? I may not know what to do but I can Ask questions and we can figure it out.

Your Average Joe Cool