Hi Everyone,

Newbie here to the forum, but not to shooting. My goal is to enhance new and experienced shooters with increased knowledge, skills, and attitude. I see many people who own firearms, but do not know how to use them effectively. Please visit my websitefor courses offered and course descriptions. http://www.defensivearmstraining.com

The range is located at Wisconsin Sportsman's Association about 20 minutes north on I-94 from the IL/WI border.

Defensive Pistol Course 19 Jun 2010 Limited to Only 10 Students. Pre-registration required. Only 3 seats remaining.

NRA First Steps Pistol Course - The perfect course for people who have never shot a pistol and have the desire to learn.

NRA Basic Pistol Course - Great for novice shooters.

Utah and Florida CCW courses - Nice to have for people who travel south for the winter or travel for business. Non-resident permits cover 30+ states.

Rifleman Challenge - Score 210 or higher on the Army Qualification Test. Earn rewards. Are you a Rifleman or a Cook? Come find out.

Any questions please contact me.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to being part of this community.

Anthony Lambert