I am new to the forums, just found this one todaysearching for my answer. Hoping someone can send me in the right direction to find it. I We live in Missouri, my son is 20 y/o. In Missouri you need to be 23 y/oto get a CCW. State of Maine will issue CCW to residents & non resident at age 18. My son wants to get a Maine non resident CCW permit & use it here in Missouri a couple years until he is old enough to apply here. I know Missouri honors the Maine CCW permit in general but since Missouri age to get CCW is 23 would this be legal or would Missouri say "our age is 23, so your permit is not valid" if he were to ever be discovered CCW.

He isenrolled to go to his CCW class on June 26th with a Maine certified instructor to get his safety certification to send with the application.