"Pike County Sheriff Stephen Korte said Tuesday that Mast sexually assaulted four girls in Missouri and one in Wisconsin who ranged in age from 5 to 15 years old. Two of the Missouri girls were Amish and two weren't, and the Wisconsin victim was his cousin, who is Amish, authorities said.

"It is unfortunate that nowhere is society is anybody immune from being a victim," Korte said Tuesday. "No matter where you go there are people who may violate other people's liberties and freedoms and peace of mind." "

Sad but true, the Sherriff puts it as plain as it can be with a current example of the need to be able to defend yourself. These poor underage girls weren't allowed to have weapons regardless because of their ages, and their belief system wouldn't have allowed it either. Of course, that same belief systm didn't stop someone from harming them either. Increadibly it was one of their own.

For those of you readng this board who are on the fence about guns, or are anti-gun, think about that second paragraph from the Sheriff. It's not that you aren't out walking among the dangerous people, it's that you haven't been selected as a taget yet. If it can happen to the Amish, it can happen to you.