Found this at another site and thought some may like to use it if the need may arise. Also I am attaching a link to a PDF file for cards to hand out to same businesses, they can be edited if you like. Again none of this is my work but it sure does get the message across.

Dear _______

I have recently discovered that your store policy forbids the legal carrying of firearms on its premises. I notice also that your store has no measures in place to prevent this from happening, and only a small number of security personnel who are not equipped to intervene on behalf of my safety in the event that a person with violent intentions should disregard your policy.

While I respect your right to enact policy on your own property, I believe I cannot safely shop in your stores. I must also recommend to those whom I care about that their safety is similarly jeopardized.

Please notify me if this policy changes as I would like to resume visiting your stores. Several of your competitors have adopted a firearm policy that simply mirrors the laws of the state in which each outlet is respectively located. I hope that you will at least consider affording as much to your own customers.

Your Name

Link to cards: