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Thread: Shoulder Rig for a Big Guy?

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    Just looking for opinions on folks' favorite shoulder holsters for the plus-sized male.


    Would prefer a vertical, for reasons of perceptionexpressed in other threads, but willing to listen to all options.

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    I've always used Galco or Bianchi... I think Bianchi makes a vertical option for it...

    Both come with way too much leather for someone my size... (more like a 40" chest) so i would imagine you should have no problems.

    I think I cut 6 to 10 inches off of the straps for my Miami Classic (horizontal, sadly)

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    I use a horizontal Galco ******* rig personally. There's easily enough leather strap to fit the plus sized gentleman. The reason I go the Galco ******* rig is that being a large chested, beefy fellow myself, the horizontal draw was easier with the ******* due to the unique barrel up, grip down configuration of this rig.

    I also utilize a Galco Classic Lite rig from time to time. The Classic Lite is a standard lightweight horizontal should rig, nothing special about this rig under than being lighter built. It uses the same straight horizontal draw angle, nothing special here but it's a very nice and simple rig

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    Galco make vertical rigs for several handguns, and you can buy them as modular components or have Galco assemble a custom rig based on their ******* harness.

    The holster component is called the "VHS Holster Component" and is available for almost any make or model you would want.;CatalogID=445

    However, the VHS holster does not have provisions for a "tie-down loop" to connect the bottom of the holster to your belt.

    If you want a vertical shoulder holster with a tie-down loop, look at the Bianchi X-15. I think it has one. I have an X2000 Phantom for a Taurus 689 I no longer own, and it is a FANTASTIC rig...
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