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Thread: Ruger LCR ... now in .357 Magnum

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    Ouch! But I think I'll try to get one eventually, just so I can have something lighter than the SP-101 when I need/want something lighter for comfort.

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    I was contemplating selling my LCR (.38 +P) & buying the .357 version, then I decided against it. I would still probably end up spending at least $100 out-of-pocket, and I just can't justify the expense right now.

    In the unfortunate event that I should have to use my LCR in defense, I am confident that my .38+P cartridges will do what I need them to
    Carry on!

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    As an owner of a .357 snubby, myself, let me give you some advice: save yourself some money and get the .38 instead. If you get the .357, you'll probably wind up shooting and carrying +p .38s anyway.

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    Who in the heck can shoot .357 magnum loads out of a 17 oz. gun?

    Even the 28 oz (-ish) SP101 is unpleasantly snappy with 125 gr. hollow-point .357's.

    Practicing is gonna hurt with the .357 LCR, I'm thinking. Enough that I would rather just take a baseball bat to the range and bash my hand. Cheaper, too, since I wouldn't be buying ammunition.

    I'm gonna need some convincing about those Hogue Tamer grips. The recoil cylinder from a 155mm howitzer is probably more like it.

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