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    I'm a bit confused on the open carry law for Colorado. Colorado law states that anyone 18 and over can carry openly. However you must be 21 to purchase a handgun from a certified store. Apparently private sales are not limited to 21 years but can actually be sold to 18 or over years. If someone wants to open carry, they have to privately purchase a handgun. How does a private purchase work? Is any paperwork involved in the transfer of a handgun? Thanks to any replies I get!

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    You have to be 21 to purchase but not to borrow. An 18 yr old can use Dad's gun, the gun of a friend, etc. and still OC. Just as long as it was borrowed legally or legally given to him/her as a gift, it shouldn't be a problem. If they stole it or borrowed "without permission" then you're talking about a whole different set of circumstances.
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