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Thread: Times Leader - Lackawanna County solicitor John O'Brien clueless on PA gun rights

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    New Lackawanna county park rules questioned

    Olyphant resident challenges legality of firearms clause.
    By Rich Howells

    SCRANTON – An area resident questioned the legality of a firearms clause in Lackawanna County commissioners’ new list of public park rules and regulations that it unanimously passed at its previous meeting.

    Keith MacDonald of Olyphant approached the commissioners at the end of the meeting and claimed that all firearms are technically “unlicensed” in Pennsylvania and that prohibiting people from openly carrying a firearm is a violation of the Uniform Firearms Act of Pennsylvania.

    Section 11 of the new park rules states: “No person shall discharge or propel across, in, or into any park area, a firearm…No unlicensed firearms or weapons are allowed in a Park without the written permission of the Director.”

    “This is one thing that, I think, was carefully crafted to ensure that it didn’t violate the law,” responded Commissioner Corey O’Brien to MacDonald.

    County solicitor John O’Brien agreed with the commissioner and defended the firearms clause.

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    “It doesn’t say ‘illegal.’ It says ‘unlicensed,’” MacDonald questioned.

    “I think you’re wrong to say that there isn’t some form of permit or license required for you to carry a handgun. That’s what the sheriff’s office and that’s what the state department and attorney general’s office thinks. Our intent is at no time to further regulate gun laws,” John O’Brien continued.

    The laws, written by the Parks and Recreation Department, affect McDade Park, Merli-Sarnoski Park, Aylesworth Park and Covington Park as well as the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour and the Anthracite Heritage Museum.

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    Clearly..., a Violation of The Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms and Weapons Act.

    Lackawanna County should be taken to Court over this Injustice to The People of The Commonwealth.

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    Well, I read this rule to mean that if you're carrying concealed in a park, you need to have a LTCF.

    If you are OCing, it would be perfectly legal, because OC in most of PA does not require a permit or license. Since a firearm carried in a manner that it doesn't require a license isn't technically an "unlicensed firearm", it should be OK...

    Of course, there are ALREADY laws on the PA books that prohibit CC without a license, so this law is just anti-gun "piling on" and really does nothing to stop crime anyway...

    Sounds like a good place for an OC cookout... :shock:

    Or perhaps a special kite-flying event for people with PA LTCF's, but all OCing...

    I mean would they REALLY harass a bunch of families flying kites, and OCing? Especially if there were a few people on the sidelines with video cameras...
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    there's something in the works currently; there are a good bunch of guys who will be hanging out in McDade Park, open carrying. the Sheriff is welcome to come and try and stop us, and arrest us, if he likes.
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    jahwarrior72 wrote:
    there's something in the works currently; there are a good bunch of guys who will be hanging out in McDade Park, open carrying. the Sheriff is welcome to come and try and stop us, and arrest us, if he likes.
    This is what is needed. Taking a stand for gun rights.
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