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Thread: PayPal Bans Atlas Shrugs, so Gellar Goes With GunPal!

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    PayPal dropped AtlasShrugs as a 'hate site.' She appealed and they
    re-instated her account. Geller declined and switched her sites
    account to GPal. Saying:

    "Needless to say, I am not going back. I told her that, too. She
    wished I would reconsider. But, no. I am sticking with Gpal -- the G
    stands for guns

    The real story is that we stood up and the weasels backed down. We
    will fight each battle this way."

    The full story is here:

    GPal link:

    I'm getting a GunPal account, dumping PayPal and writing some letters.

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    I just closed my account, and told them this was the reason why.
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    Seriously, it IRKS me that ebay & paypal are still around!

    Ebay ignores fraud & criminals, while paypal loves holding payments on a whim

    Even when the notorious VLADUZ ran amok through their servers, showing off the most private info of ebay users, instead of fixing the problem ebay denied everything & did it's damnedest to sweep it under the rug.

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