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Thread: My encounter in Lone Jack area

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    I had to go out to Lone jack to pick up my new 69 Volkswagen Westfalia, I had to stop at the BP on my way back to Lees Summit, due to my nerves, I had not drove a stick in 10 years and was a little rusty and being a VW Bus with a tiny 1600 motor it was extra stress full. I went in to get a drink and a guy that was parked to me started talking to me about the bus, (that happens a lot with VW Buses) I noticed a local LEO getting gas and he went in and came back out I was still talk to the guy.
    Then the LEO comes up to me, and asked "is there a reason your carrying that?" I didnt miss a beat, I looked at him and said "protection" and I looked back at the guy I was talking to and continued to talk, he then said it freaked people out and I should not go into stores with it, I stopped again and said there was no signs, and I started talking again.

    Now this is like a 15 minute talk im having and the cop is just standing there, the guy ended up leaving I think he was a little confused that I was not paying any attention to the LEO.
    I then (with a big grin) ask how the officers day is going, I told him relaxing my nerves while driving the bus to the inspection station, I have not driven a stick in some time. He finely got the point and moved on, after exchanging a few more friendly words.

    I did ask at one point if there is a problem or is he just making contact, he said making contact.

    he did tell me that the attendent in side told him I was OCing and he told them it is legal but would talk to me about it, but he did not say I could not go back in just STATED that I shouldnt.

    all in all is was a good stop, everything was cool and relaxed.

    I felt like a ass after words I was leaving the gas station and he was behind me (no temp tag or plates, thats why I told him I was on my way to the Inspection Station. )

    The bus would not Idol so I killed like 10 times at the stop sign, it took forever LOL I got back on the interstate he went the other way it took me about 5 minutes to get the bus up to 55 mph long trip back in the middle of traffic

    as the LEO was getting ready to walk away I did shake his hand and introduced my self (Im nate by the way).

    he NEVER talked down to me or anything negative just did his job.

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    You should've asked the cop if he would mind going inside for you and purchasing a pack of chewing gum, He is after all a public servant.

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