As Shane mentioned in another thread, the site is up and running ( At the moment these are the things I'm looking for:

  • Pictures of Mainers proudly (and responsibly!) OC'ing... site could use some graphics

  • Personal stories about any businesses that have been particularly friendly or unfriendly to OC'ers

  • Any other experiences folks have had OC'ing such as positive or negative reactions / man on the street / interactions with LEO, etc

  • Feedback, positive or negative. This is a community project, I'm just putting it together

Right now I'm working on getting a legal section up and running, will probably start just with reference material to Maine state constitution and state laws, we can always expand on this later with specific case law and such. If anyone with legal experience or qualifications would like to contribute, please let me know.

We looked into putting in a paypal donate link but it would cost us $10 a month and that could very well be more of a money sink than it's worth at this point. Maybe if we grow enough to register as a non-profit and we require administrative overhead we can reconsider that decision. I'm using some of my existing business infrastructure so this has not cost anything except time and effort thus far.