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Thread: Super talk with Seatac officer..Recieved e-mail

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    I was on one of my walks to the Safeway and going past the tavern there near me.I noticed a Seatac police car starting to pull out .Didn't think much of it.all of a sudden he backed up and started hailing me.He got out of the car and and said .That is so great to see these days.Iwanted to tell you I support you guys and we need more citizens able to protect themselves.HE said he advises folks as well to arm themselves as there are to few of them to be everywhere,We started a long talk about the neighborhood and Willow lake etc.I was facing the tavern and good see some of the bangers watching and probably thinking I was going down.Didn't happen.We traded info on carry weapons etc.He was also ex army so we had a lot in common there.So he shook my hand,gave me his card and I told him about the Willow Lake event..He said to e-mail him.So I sent him an e-mail this evening (he works nights) with our photos,news reports etc,,,I also gave him a pamphlet and hopefully he join us here.He's one of the good guys so I best not see any bashing or confrontational attitudes .!!!!!

    here is the E-mail I just recieved from him minutes ago:

    Very nice Jim, I saw some of your stuff, looks good and I’m all for it. If I don’t have any training or anything coming up on that day, I will be there for sure.

    Nice to meet you and keep my information so we can stay in touch. If you have specific concerns in your area, let me know and we’ll see what we can do to help out and take care of things.

    Anyway, I apologize about being brief but we’ve been slammed with calls today and I have to run to another one.

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    Excellent, there are plenty LEO out there that completely understand. I hope he comes to Willow Lake!
    Live Free or Die!

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    Very cool ! - I always enjoy hearing about the positive encounters.

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    WHAAAT!?! A reasonable cop?! I think Deros is bluffing! No way that could have happened.

    Naw, just kidding. Great encounter, and I hope to shake his handsometime.


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