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    New to the forum. I'm from CT, currently living in Florida, but my job affords me the ability to go back and forth whenever I want. I'll be back in CT at the end of next week for a quick visit to the family and I am very excited to find out I can open carry, I've had my permit for 3 years now and didn't know that. I am from Middletown and will be traveling to westport, wethersfield and cromwell. Does anyone have experienceOCing in these towns? More importantly experience with any police encounters? I amcurrently applying to various law enforcementagencies (despite the terrible pay in South Florida, it's just what I want to do), and would hate to blemish my record and good name because some LEOs don't know the laws in CT. Any OC gatherings coming up that I might be in town for?

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    If you read the forum, you will see plenty of encounters and their resolutions.

    You can see my recent one here:

    Remember, OC is legal and you are doing nothing wrong. Stay polite and professional and remember you are representing the community with your behavior. Police may hassle you, but they are in the wrong if they do, and it is likely just a lack of education. That is our job as a community to make sure that they become educated (politely and professionally of course).

    Read the forum thoroughly and you will learn most of what you need to know.

    Also, consider joining the CCDL while you visit their website.

    You will find good information there about the laws, permits, etc.

    Enjoy, and let us know if you have questions or problems.
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