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Thread: Critical Mass - Jackson news story about OC on Independence Day

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    Critical Mass - Jackson news story about OC on Independence Day


    I was contacted Monday, June 7th, 2010, by Sarah Lison from the Jackson News and Guide and we discussed the Walk In The Park project. Much of what we discussed is
    accurately reflected in the article she wrote which appears on Page Three of the 6-9-2010 News & Guide.

    It is On line at;

    If you can't see it on line, it is attached !!

    There are a few minor points which should be expanded on and I
    will most likely do that in comments to the paper and replies to
    the letters to the editor which will no doubt appear.

    If you want to write a letter to the editor, supporting this and
    encouraging folks to come forward and join the event (and let me
    know they will be there) DO IT NOW so it can be in the next weeks
    paper. We need to fan the flame and get parade walkers lined up.

    One point she extracted incorrectly from the WITP flyer was that there are plans to open carry at the fireworks display, I am not doing that and not suggesting it for others. The flyer says, after a description of the three WITP activities, that, "Later, folks will be gathering to socialize and watch those Fireworks." Since this will be at night, after socializing at a private residence, and then walking across Snow King hill side to watch the fireworks, I will not carry and suggest others not carry. You do not want to drop a gun out there in the VERY dark night and not quickly find it. If we were to watch the fireworks from the crowd at the base of Snow King, I would DEFINITELY not open carry; too crowded, dark and noisy an environment.

    Overall I am greatly impressed with this quality story. The comments by Chief Smith were on the mark. He said, "“The carrying of the gun is not a violation of the law; in fact, it's supported by the Wyoming Constitution,“ Smith said." Most comments were even handed, it was a supportive story. Had this been the Washington Post, that treatment would have been different, then again there would be no story because there could not be an open carry event in MD or DC.

    Please fan the flames, spread the word, reply to support or
    correct errors in the conversations you may have, heck just start
    some conversations yourself - "Did you see the article...".

    I really would like to find out that some folks will join in the
    activities so we could walk in the parade. LET ME KNOW your thoughts and intentions. We need about 8 or more and have until about June 27 to inform the Howdy Pardners (and pay the $25 fee) to be in the parade.

    The following week, today June 16, 2010, the paper had the question of the day as;

    The Question: What do you think about 2nd Amendment advocates bringing firearms to the Town Square on July 4? By Brent McWhirter

    Five answers were;
    > Anywhere else it would be different circumstances, but here it's almost expected.
    Stephen Graves Climbing instructor
    > I don't see any particular reason to be doing it. Madeleine Mundt IT Manager
    > I'm all for it. Mike Jorgenson Real estate
    > Not sure about that one. Robert Pope Office supply
    > I think it's a bad idea. Penny Robinson Airline manager

    Two for, one against and two maybe; About what I would expect.

    There was one anti-gun LTE in that same edition, it started out with;
    "Nightmare on square - The purpose of a gun is to kill something. ...I hate guns."
    It went more hysterical from there.

    Radio interviews are being set up for the week before Independence Day.

    Sing out and let me know your thoughts.

    BTW; The N&G reporter did some homework, the article had this; "When officers respond in such cases, they often face criticism for allegedly harassing gun owners, according to comments at the Web site" She even mentioned the WITP Poll and thought it was a sign-up form.


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